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Ready to sell your house without making repairs or cleaning out the property? We specialize in buying any home in the Philadelphia area, regardless of its condition.

If your home is in terrible shape and you want to avoid the hassles of cleaning it out, making repairs, and going through the process of listing the house, Helpful Home Buyers has your solution. We buy all hoarder houses in South Philly and the entire city of Philadelphia.

There are solutions for everyone. Don’t get embarrassed at the sight of the hoarder house when you walk inside. Packed full of possessions from wall to wall, it will take months to sort through the mess. From papers and mementos, books, mail, clothes, food, dishes, and more, you could be thinking the home is in disrepair.

At Helpful Home Buyers, we offer cash for houses in Philadelphia , helping you get past this situation and move on with your life. You pay no commission and don’t have to fill out any paperwork. Sell your house as is at a fair market value.

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You Can Sell Your House Without Cleaning Up

Whether you’re living in South Philly or up to Northeast Philadelphia, having a hoarder house can be overwhelming. Cleaning up or trying to market the home causes stress and anxiety. We help you avoid the hassles and come to a quick resolution.

If you’re dealing with financial difficulties, are relocating, or going through a complicated divorce, don’t worry about cleaning the house. If you have a hoarder home and are looking to get rid of the property, we’ll buy it as is.
No matter how much junk you have inside, how the health and sanitation problems have affected the quality of the environment, or what has to be cleaned, we’re your trusted and reliable home buyers in Philadelphia.

If you have any questions about our process or want to inquire about selling an inherited property in Philly, reach out to us. We provide a free estimate for all houses, assessing any issues and damage to deliver a fair value. We’re ready to buy your home when you’re ready to sell. Contact us today and let Helpful Home Buyers find a solution that works for you.

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