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Do you want a quick solution to sell your house in South Philly or the Northeast?

At Helpful Home Buyers, we’re your trusted and relied upon home buyers, leaving you with cash in your pocket.

Avoid the hassles and stresses associated with listing your property and waiting for a buyer. Request a free quote and we’ll assess your property to determine fair market value, providing a cash offer on the spot.

Save money by not paying commission fees and receive a quick sale for cash within weeks. When you want to sell your hoarder house as is in Philadelphia, we’ll buy the property with all contents left inside. No need to clean out or repair any damages to the house. We take care of all paperwork and remove trash that is left behind.

Why would you need to sell your house for cash in Philadelphia?

  • Bad or Non-Paying Tenants
  • Unwanted Inherited House
  • Foreclosure
  • Structural Damage & Renovations Needed
  • Unfair Mortgage Terms & Other Debts
  • Divorce
  • Job Loss

Trust our professionalism to help you get past all problems or situations with your home and find relief for your situation.

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Selling Your Home For Cash

As a distressed home or property owner, you need assistance and guidance to move on with your life. Don’t delay. Get a quick transaction completed for instant relief. We buy your home as is, never requiring you to make any repairs.

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We are the trusted home buyers in Philadelphia, assisting you in the process of getting back on your feet. There are many reasons that you’d need to sell your house for cash in South Philly and the Northeast.

Save time and money with a quick evaluation of your property. Get the process started by filling out a form and contact us today. We want you to be satisfied with the transaction, never forcing you to sell to us. When you’re selling an inherited house in Northeast Philadelphia, let us help take it off your hands without you having to list it with a realtor.

Contact us today for an experience without any complications. If you have any questions about the process, or the value of your damaged and unappealing home in Philadelphia, let us clear the air and develop a solution that works for you.

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